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          ตู้ สล็อต ผล ไม้ ออนไลน์|pg ฝาก 50sbobet แทง บอล

          Makwana Sweta & Associates(MSA)

          ตู้ สล็อต ผล ไม้ ออนไลน์

          Request Call Back

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          Stay Informed with latest trends and industry insights.

          We are not just services providers; we are a partner in your growth.

          Makwana Sweta & Associates (MSA) is one of the leading CA Firms in Mumbai for Startups & SME segments. The Firm specialises in providing Startup Accounting services and works as Startup Consultants for entrepreneurs. Our Firm covers a range of service from online book keeping, Taxation, audit, virtual CFO services, and financial advisory for business owners.
          We are a one Stop pliance and advisory Partner for Business Owners, Startups and SME Segment.
          We understand your business requirements, your pain points and provide solutions that help you run the business smoothly.

          Why Us


          We are mitted in solving your problems and satisfy our clients.


          We understand your problems and provide the desired solutions.

          Prompt and Personalized services

          We ensure timely delivery of services to avoid unnecessary hassles and penalty.


          We are highly passionate about our work in providing end to end solutions to our client.


          We always keep our client’s work on priority, no matter what. We are always there for you when you need us.


          We take feedback from you to provide tailor made solutions.


          Audit & Assurance

          Statutory Audit, Ine tax audit, GST Audit, Internal Audit

          Outsourced Accounting

          Outsourced accounting and tax pliance


          Direct tax and Indirect tax: Ine tax return, GST Return, TDS Return, advisory

          Business Consultancy

          Business advisory, setup and pliance

          Virtual CFO

          MIS Reporting, one stop solution for pliance

          pany Law & pliance

          Incorporation, closure, annual filings

          License & Registration

          Business license and registration

          Business Valuation

          valuation for startups and sme.







          IT Services




          Import and Export




          Financial Services




          Dear Sweta, You have marvelled the way you e up with ideas which are beneficial to us. Creating synergy between government norms and taxpayer is the utmost difficult task. I appreciate your knowledge about the subject and confidence in implementing the know-how of taxation rules. I expect that the same level of professionalism spreads among the SME through your help.

          Khyati Mehta Dream Holiday

          She is really intelligent and smart Chartered Lady. She helped me resolve my TDS Refund issue. I personally thank her for her hard work and good luck for future business. I am sure she will always rock.

          Vineeth Singh Amogh Advisory Services LLP

          I am very happy with the GST and other pliance services that you provide to our organisation. Right from inception, you are associated. Till date, your services have always met our expectation. I would definitely remend you to many clients looking for such an invaluable service.

          Radheshyam Kanojiya RPD Dental Art Private Limited
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